Nikki P. at your service.

My love of photography stems from a gypsy-ish childhood. I was blessed to have parents who's work in the construction industries took us many places across this great nation. By the time I was 12 years old, I had already lived in 12 different states... "Lived" meaning being in one place longer than 6 months. Traveling like this allowed me to see many of the beautiful wonders of nature. Both parents being avid outdoorsy kind of people, we would hike national parks and visit "the sights", always covering new ground.
The down-side to moving around so much is that it did not allow me to become close with very many people. So, the one's that did become friends, would keep in touch by writing letters to each other and trading our latest school photographs.
My parents divorced when I was 7. From then on, I have always documented life with photography. My camera was my only way of keeping those memories alive that I cherished so dearly and made me feel closer to the people I love that were so far away!

My first camera was a 110. Most people younger than my generation don't remember what came before a 35mm! I would do odds and ends jobs like mowing neighbor's lawns or exercising their horses to earn the extra cash so I could get the film developed. Thank goodness for the digital age! I have a lot of nostalgia for film, but digital is by far the best thing since sliced bread!

My education is in the physical sciences, and my photography knowledge is completely self-taught. Never in a million years did I ever think that I would be doing my hobby, my passion, as my career! A wise friend once said to me, "Live the Life you Love", and with those words resonating in my mind, the notion of the corporate world was abandoned to do the thing that brought the most joy to my heart... Photography.

The old adage is true... If you do what you love and love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life...

Being a mom has made me realize how fast time flies the older you get, and how precious those memories are, because life is ever changing. The only constant IS change, so capturing those special glimpses of time... what a magical thing. Photography is truly magic. And looking back at old photographs, recalling those memories, those emotions, really gives perspective on the here and now. Because once the moment is gone, you can always look at that photo that was taken and feel those same emotions all over again...

Which is largely why I re-branded the company from PaschenFruit Photography (which came from a high school nick-name) to Paschen's Photography: Photography for your passion.
Creatively capturing what people are passionate about, what I am passionate about... It's what makes me happy.

This is the philosophy that I want future generations to learn and appreciate. Our world is changing so fast, that to capture those moments, good or bad, is to immortalize that moment.

On a closing note:

I heard a joke once, that still makes me giggle...
A photographer is a person's best/worst frienemy...
They'll shoot you, frame you, and hang you on the wall.

Looking forward to seeing many smiling sun-kissed faces on the beach this year!